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Keeping training up-to-date is simple and reporting features provide insight on mandatory content to ensure efficiency and compliance.

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Benefits of Instructor's Edge
Create compelling, high-engagement courses that lock in knowledge.
Show new instructors how to teach material with a train-the-trainer approach.
Quickly build instructors' competency in new, never-before-taught courses.
Ensure consistent delivery of material by every instructor, worldwide.

Mandatory Content Reporting Solutions

Recordkeeping for Mandatory Content

To ensure every trainer covers content required for legal, regularity, or compliance purposes, or per company policy, Instructor’s Edge allows trainers to record and document the amount of time spent of mandatory content.

Compelling, High Engagement Courses

Developers can design new courses for optimal student engagement by simply uploading a presentation onto our digital platform, and applying engagement attributes. Developers can then use our engagement analysis tool to graphically see the presentation’s engagement level and easily refine it, if desired.

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Publish Your Updates Globally

Instant Global Updates

When ready, permitted users can publish a new version of a course that includes any content changes, updated engagement attributes or new events to reference, all while ensuring document control so instructors always teach the most up-to-date information.

Getting Started is Easy
Upload your presentation slides into our digital platform.
Add engagement attributes and reference tools, and identify mandatory content.
Use our engagement analysis tool to evaluate and refine your course's level of engagement.
Distribute your course to all your instructor's tablets worldwide.

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