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Instructor's Edge Digital Platform

What is the Instructor’s Edge Digital Platform?

The digital platform is where course content is loaded into the Instructor’s Edge system. The digital platform also communicates with all users’ tablet devices and notifies when an update has been made to course material by showing a red dot on the class icon. Users simply download the new version of the course when they see this dot.

How can I edit and save training material?

Course material can be edited and saved on the digital platform. Instructor’s Edge in an independent digital instructor’s guide. It is not directly linked to your presentation slides. Your presentation slides can be stored in the same manner as you presently do.

Your presentation slides are exported as JPEG or PNG files. These files are then loaded into the Instructor’s Edge digital platform, where you can attach engagement attributes to each slide in order to standardize the training and provide high-engagement delivery.

If it is necessary to make changes to the class slides, simply make those changes in the presentation slides, then export the altered slides as JPEG or PNG files. In the Instructor’s Edge digital platform, import the altered slides and add what the instructor should say or do to this new slide if needed. Once completed, press “Publish” and all tablet devices associated with the account will have the changes (must be connected to the internet to get the change). The authorized tablets with have a red dot on their class icon to indicate that a change has been made to the digital instructor’s guide.

Through the Instructor’s Edge digital platform, you will have access to a library of all of your presentations to modify as needed. As you publish a new version, you can assign a new release number for document version control.

Can existing presentation slides be imported into the digital platform?

Yes. Export your presentation slides to JPEG and PNG files and import each slide. Any presentation software that can export to JPEG or PNG files can be used.

What file format are training materials stored in?

Your Instructor’s Edge digital instructor’s guide is a closed file format. However, you can open the digital platform and copy and paste into and out of it.

Can information be retrieved from the digital platform?

While the file Instructor’s Edge creates is not exportable, you can simply copy the engagement content from the digital platform to another document.

Can I access the digital platform through a tablet device?

When using the Instructor’s Edge digital platform, editing courses should be done on a computer.

What browsers can be used to access the digital platform?

The Instructor’s Edge digital platform currently can be accessed with Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

How long does it take to load one slide into the digital platform?

If there is good documentation for the course (e.g., a binder or manual that has notes, flip chart drawing, etc.), then it will take about 5 minutes per slide.

If you have to create content from scratch, then plan for about 10–15 minutes for each slide, as in these cases, you may have to create the flip chart drawing, find a picture, create an exercise, write reference information, etc.

We do offer clients a service where we will take existing material and enter it into the digital platform for them. If there is a video of the class being taught, this makes it easier.

What user roles are available in Instructor’s Edge?

If you have purchased the “Individual” package, you can create, edit, and publish courses to the tablet device, and also view courses on the tablet device using your log in credentials.If you have purchased a “Group” or “Enterprise” package, the following roles are available:


  • Create new user accounts.
  • Assign users to be Editors or Instructors.
  • Control which courses instructors can download on their tablet.
  • Create new courses.
  • Edit courses.
  • Publish course updates.
  • Download courses that have been assigned to them on their tablet.


  • Control which courses instructors can download on their tablet.
  • Create new courses.
  • Edit courses.
  • Publish course updates.
  • Download courses that have been assigned to them on their tablet.


  • Download courses that have been assigned to them on their tablet.

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Instructor's Edge App

What operating system does the Instructor’s Edge app support?

The Instructor’s Edge app currently supports any iPad® running iOS 9 or higher, including iPad Pro®.

Will all users see the courses on the tablet device once they log into the Instructor’s Edge app?

After logging in to the Instructor’s Edge app, there are two views available -- All Courses and My Courses. The “All Courses” view shows the user all published courses in the account that have not been marked private. The “My Courses” view shows the user only those courses he or she has been authorized to download. If a user has not been authorized to download a course, they will see it in the “All Courses” view, but they will not be able to download it. If a user has been authorized to download every course in the account, then the “All Courses” and “My Courses” view will look the same. If a course has been marked private, it will not appear in the “All Courses” view at all. It will only appear in the “My Courses” view of users who have been authorized to download the course.

Can I take my own notes using the Instructor’s Edge app?

Yes, personal notes are stored on each instructor’s individual tablet and are not uploaded to the digital platform.

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General Questions

Will Instructor’s Edge drive my presentation?

Instructor’s Edge is a digital instructor’s guide, similar to a training binder you would place next to your laptop. You will still drive the presentation from your laptop.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet while training?

No, once courses have been downloaded to the tablet device, Instructor’s Edge can be run in airplane mode. To download course updated, however, you will need an Internet connection.

Does Instructor’s Edge work in different languages?

The prompts are in English, but the output will be in whatever language you use to create the slides and engagement attribute content.

Will my data be private and safe?

Yes, we use enterprise-class security features to ensure your data is always protected. In addition, all data is backed up nightly.

Who owns the intellectual property?

The client retains 100% ownership of all material. Training Excellence owns only the Instructor’s Edge as the delivery system.

Can your staff see my presentations?

Only in the event that your material causes a system failure and we trace it to your material would we have to access your presentation.

In what industries can Instructor’s Edge be used?

Instructor’s Edge can be used anywhere an instructor stands up in front of a class.

Is this used for online training?

Instructor’s Edge is for instructor-led, live training.

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Billing and Pricing

How can I buy Instructor’s Edge?

Simply click the “Buy it Now” button on our website homepage at From here, you will create a username and password and enter your payment info. Once the payment has processed, you can immediately access the Instructor’s Edge digital platform, where you can start adding and editing your courses.

When you are ready to teach, download the free Instructor’s Edge app on the App Store, sign in with the same username and password, and your classes will be waiting for you when you log in (you must download each course to the tablet device). Find more details and pricing plans here. For custom packages or support, please contact us.

How much can I expect to pay for Instructor’s Edge?

Packages are based on the number of courses and number of instructors in your organization. Service is charged annually. Find more details and pricing plans here.

Are there any additional contracts or fees? Can I update my service package?

You can change your service package at any time. Contact us and we will be happy to help.

How can I cancel my service?

Call us at 401-667-7366 to cancel your service at any time. Canceling service will freeze the account and render the Instructor’s Edge digital platform and app inaccessible to all account users.

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