Ensure consistent, high-engagement training from all instructors for optimal knowledge retention.

Designed by trainers for anyone in corporate education, Instructor’s Edge is ideal for instructors, training managers, training organizations, and course developers. 

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Instructors EdgeUsing Instructor's Edge in the Classroom

While teaching, the instructor places their tablet pre-loaded with the Instructor’s Edge app nearby to use as a guide. On each presentation slide, Instructor’s Edge features five engagement attributes and four reference tools in an icon-based format, as well identification of content that is mandatory to cover for compliance or regulatory purposes. Course content is managed online through our digital platform.

Flipchart Engagement

Engaging Students With Every Slide

Instructor’s Edge features five engagement prompts: the key points icon identifies what students should learn from a slide, the flip chart icon shows when and what to draw, the engagement icons display what to say, do, and demonstrate, the picture icon shows photos to prompt a relevant story, and the mentor notes icon signal tips to keep training on track.

Reference Materials

Reference Tools at Instructors' Fingertips

Instructor’s Edge features four unique reference tools icons: the reference material icon shows more in-depth information on a topic is available, the quiz icon signals what material on a slide will be on a quiz, the updates icon identifies whether content has been recently updated, and the personal notes icon notifies that an instructor has stored private notes on a slide. 

Function Mode

An Operating Mode for Any Instructor

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Instructor’s Edge has three operating modes –  Instructor, Function and Expert – that allow trainers to efficiently browse course material. Instructor mode is ideal for new trainers to use while presenting, Expert mode is best suited for veteran trainers during classroom training and Function mode is great way to browse all presentation slides and attributes at a glance.

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