Create your own digital instructor's guide

Achieve consistent high-engagement training from

all your instructors.

Using the instructor's guide

Your instructors will use the guide while

training to ensure consistency with their teaching.

Ensure industry compliance was met

Flag content as mandatory and receive reports

to ensure compliance training was taught.

Update your training instantly

Keep your training up-to-date with current events

and the latest industry standards.

Engage Your Audience

Instructor's Edge is the first Digital Instructors Guide platform that enables you to create standardized, high engagement training from all of your instructors.

Much more than presentation software with notes, the Instructors Edge allows you build a guide that provides each slide with: what  key points to emphasize, what to draw on flipcharts, photos just for the instructor to know what relevant stories to tell, engagement techniques the instructor should use, mentor notes for the does and don't for each slide, what information on the slide will be a quiz later, reference material for each slide, what information is mandatory for compliance, and more.  And all of this is easily updated with a push of a button.

Challenges of Instructor-led Training

Enhancing the learning environment to improve learner experience and retention
Managing and maintaining document control ensuring timely updates and consistency
Delivering consistent training across a global organization

The Instructor's Edge Solution

High-Engagement Training
Instant Global Updates
Mandatory Content Reporting
  • See how engaging a presentation is with our engagement analysis tool that shows at a glance what percentages of slides include our engagement attributes. Then easily refine a course to an ideal level of participant engagement.
  • Easily publish a new version of a course, including content changes, updated engagement or recent news, to instructors worldwide. Avoid countless emails and delays by incorporating the latest into your training at the push of a button.
  • Ensure every trainer covers content required for legal, regulatory or compliance purposes or per company policy. And prove it with a report that shows how much time was spent on mandatory content after each course.

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